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A Wide Range Of Services

Laboratory and Diagnostic services

Our laboratory is one of the best equipped, staffed and offering most specialized tests in the region. A quality coordinator ensures maintenance of quality Assurance. The Laboratory is headed by a senior Laboratory Technologist. Before we start testing, daily internal quality controls and calibrations are ran to assure quality of the reports.

We offer all routine laboratory tests, blood donor services, specialized & referral laboratory tests. To receive the best & professional laboratory services, clients need to be attended by our Doctors or come with a duly filled laboratory request form from their doctor.

There are however a few tests that the clients can make a self-request; Malaria test, Hemoglobin tests, Blood Grouping, Pregnancy test, HIV blood testing with mandatory counseling, Cholesterol, Prostate Antigen (PSA) test and Blood Sugar test. For all the other tests, patients need a doctor who will not only order the test but also interpret the results and recommend treatment

Medical Consultations

The New Castle HealthCare and Diagnostic Centre is renowned for the high quality medical and nursing care and provision of excellent patient services.

Because we pride in professionalism and, we take great care to recruit and retain Medical Officers and nurses of high caliber who are committed to quality patient care.

Consistency in care delivery is guaranteed through the development and utilization of nursing procedures, policies and standards set against International bench marks. Regular internal audits are done to service delivery level and guide and continual improvement.

Our centre has a Medical Officer and a Nurse on duty at all times in our facility during the opening Hours.

Dental Services-we offer services such as

Dental Fillings – This will address the repair and restoration of the function, integrity and shape of the tooth.

Dental Extractions – This refers to Tooth Removal that could be due to chronic infection and/or pain or a tooth damaged beyond repair.

Pediatric Dental Care – We encourage children to seek oral health not only to  maintain their smile but help foster and build good oral hygiene habits as they grow.

Root Canal Treatment – This treatment is used to remove any infected or dead tissue of a tooth that is causing pain, infection and sometimes a swelling. The Treatment involves  going inside the pulp and root canal spaces.

Cosmetic Dentistry – Focuses on the art of dentistry to help improve the appearance and aesthetics of your teeth and smile. This include

  • Dental Cleaning– A ubiquitous term for a very important procedure related to the health of your gums and teeth.
  • Teeth Replacement
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Bridging & Teeth Crowning


Manned by highly qualified professional staff, The Newcastle HealthCare and Diagnostic Center has a pharmacy in its premise that prides in the quality of professional services offered to clients.

The pharmacy is committed to providing efficient services to our Out-Patient Clients, those at Homes under our Home-Based Care Programme and all referral prescriptions for both in-patients and out-patients, whilst ensuring that treatment is safe and appropriate.

We dispense quality medicines at our pharmacy outlet at the best price possible.

The Medical Center procures all medicines and medical supplies only from registered suppliers thereby guaranteeing our patients quality medicines at all times, especially in light of the risk of counterfeit and substandard products in the industry.

Door to Door Prescription Medicine Delivery Service

The Pharmacy provide patients with a flexible access to their prescription medicines. The services is available for Patients on chronic disease management.

Only Patients with valid prescriptions are served by our Centre and they are required to avail their prescriptions to the Pharmacy for processing and delivery of the medicines to their offices or residence.

This service is available to both cash and 3rd party paying patients. Clients are expected to scan, fax, email, WhatsApp or deliver their prescriptions and claim forms to our Pharmacy.

Family Planning

We offer Family Planning Services as per the Ministry of Health Guidelines

Health Education and Medical Check-ups

Our Public Health Specialists in our Facility are able to organize Health Education forum on different medical illness and general well Being. They offer the services to Corporates and Institutions

We provide medical check-ups and cater for

  • Pre-employment medical examinations –;
  • Periodic/ Annual Wellness checks
  • Age categorized wellness checks
  • Executive Wellness packages
  • Corporate wellness checks
  • Medical Certification as a Food Handler

Quality Health
Care Services

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